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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Matchlock Rifle

This week I came across some ECW artefacts at the NRA museum in Virginia which was very interesting:

Matchlock Rifle:

 Ammunition bandoleer:
 Note that the projectile is embedded in the lid:
Rifle rest

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Yes...MORE Figures!

Who doesn't like coming home to such a package...
OK, we really should stop buying lead for a bit now...but I snagged a bulk deal from a nice chap at Bartertown (Hi Dave!) which included not only a full Army Pack but also more dragoons, heavy guns, some tumbrils and carts, and 10 old OOP Baccus buildings with thatched roofs and tudor style walls.
So many goodies...
This brings our collection to 5 full Army packs plus some extras - enough Alan thinks to do Marston Moor.  I may also take some of the foot figs and base them specifically to defend a city in ditches and so on, rather than in normal battlefield order.  Then we can play a siege game or two, maybe even recreate the Battles for Arnescote Castle from the series 'By the Sword Divided' :-)

The lead piles grows, the boys are happy and somewhere the God of Wargaming smiles!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Contemplating ECW Terrain

I've started to cast my eye about for appropriate 6mm terrain - another lovely excuse to spend Hobby money! So what do I think we need? Enough terrain for a 4 x 4 or so sized table, including a river, a few roads, some bridges, and a town or two. First up, Baccus (whose lovely figures we are using) is an easy starting place with this nice village set
Here are some other manufacturers of 6mm Terrain that I've come across:    
Some painted up nicely here:    
Curt's nicely painted up granary set here:
Curt's lovely granary terrain set (Total Battle Miniatures)
While its listed in their Napoleonic rage, Leven Miniatures make a nice fortified Manor House that would do nicely as a Royalist stronghold
Leven's NAP06 - Fortified Manor House from here
Leven also make these fine Tudor Style buildings - can't have an English village without a pub now can we!
GEN11 - Tudor Style Public House
HOU14 - Detached Tudor style house
Dungeon Castings make this nice "House with Tower" as an alternative Manor House (DC-D0118)
Total Battle Miniatures also do this fantastic walled town set - very pretty but not sure if I need to drop 65 pounds on it at this stage and instead of buying more functional terrain.  Very shiny though!  Would make a great centrepiece for a Campaign.
The unpainted pics show what you get in better detail I think:

And finally, what kind of Royalist would I be without a good keep or castle to fall back on?  However, my quick look around didn't provide me with the ample options I expected.  I thought for sure there would be many examples of big '5 star' castles like Conwy, Raglan or Caernarfon.  What I'd really like is a nice tower like Donnington (where the battle of Newbury was fought in 1644). 
JR Miniatures' "European Siege Castle"
And finally, some inspiration for baggage/camp elements here (all made with Baccus figures):

If you other suggestions or recommendations for us I'd love to hear them!